im so excited for your new store!!! congrats xxxx

Thank you! xx

Hey Alyssa! You really have a knack for making blogger templates. They always look so crisp and clean! Do you ever see you self creating and selling templates?

Thank you! I’ve considered making custom templates for people, and since I will be quitting my full-time lab job coming September, I think I’ll have some time to actually do some custom web design for blogs. So, if anyone’s interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at! ;)


Hey Alyssa, congrats on your "New Classic Studios" store! It really sounds interesting and I look forward to what will become of it. I wanted to ask, do you have an idea of the price range on the items that will be found in your store? I am genuinely excited for you and I wish you the best of luck *throws confetti* xx

Thank you! Its exciting to hear that others are looking forward to the launch as much as I am :)

Since all the clothing will either be sustainable and/or ethically produced, the price point of the clothing will generally be more expensive (from $40-$300). I like to think that our selection is quite broad, so that explains the wide price range! 

Thanks for the love! x

Sorry if I'm annoying when I reblog all your shit. You got good stuff on your tumblr

Reblog all chu want x